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Quality and competitiveness

"Royal Moms’ wet tissues are distinguished from other products in a way that it added healthy extracts and using of embossing fabric"

The fabric

Thicker than big competitor’s products positioned at the similar price 
Contains more than 60% of natural rayon with smooth texture and embossing 

The additives

Good additives for sensitive skin for babies (Propolis extracts which have calming effect, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Aloe Vera leaf extracts which help to calm and moisturize and strengthens immunity for the skins, Schizophyllum commune extracts which moisturize dry-prone skin after wiping, and Lotus flower extracts which contain vitamins for anti-aging for the skin)

Production environment and reliability

Non-formaldehyde, non-fluorescent whitening agent, non-paraben, non-coloring agent, non-detection of 25 harmful chemicals. The products are manufactured at factories without humidification disinfectant ingredients and certified with its safety

Packaging and Design

High-end and eco-friendly color and design with smooth and bright film material packaging; the product quality is as high as products of other big brands with much lower price
The bright noticeable color captures sights of customers among other shelved products.

Consumer feedback

The first product was released in September 2012 and from its first exhibition in Baby Fair in Ulsan, the company has attended more than 20 exhibitions with direct sales and exhibition and has received good feedback. 


The company has achieved many successful sales through shopping channels on TV (Home and Shopping) in a short time. Most of the customers who purchased the products have given feedback saying “very satisfied”.


The products have received good feedback on price and quality in comparison with products of competitors. Regular customers are increasing as product lines extended for the convenience not only of newborn babies but also adults in general. 




Head Office: Royalmoms Co., Ltd., (Boksan-dong) 6 Dohwagol 9-gil Jung-gu Ulsan city
Representative Tel: 1661-6522    FAX : 070-4032-6524     E-mail : happy@royalmoms.com
Business registration number: 620-81-55370    CEO: Cha Mi Jung    Privacy officer: Kim Hyun Soo
Factory: 151-2 Hoedong-dong Geumjeong-gu, Busan city  Logistics Center: 219-10 Jakdong-ri Samdong-myeon Ulju-gun Ulsan city.